Our small Wingman is 23cm x 23cm*, this is larger than most small wraps. The small Wingman is the perfect fit for a standard dinner bowl, snack sized pouch, wedges of cheese, large avocado, or it can be folded down to replace any lost lids of jars or containers. Fold two small wraps together to make a large produce bag to hold loose produce such as mixed lettuce leaves, fresh herbs or small fruit.


Select up to 3 Print Choices if you have a preference or select Random and we'll choose our favourite print for you. If nothing is selected we will choose a print for you.


*Wingman wraps are handmade, therefore, the wraps may have small variances in the sizes. They will often be larger as we like to minimise wastage and avoid trimming to a uniform size, so we can give you more whilst reducing unnecessary waste. 


**Please note we will do our best to accommodate your print choices; however, once a print is sold out it may not be restocked and therefore, we cannot guarantee you will receive your chosen print.

Small Wrap


    To keep your Wingman wrappy for up to 12 months...

    WASH by hand with mild soap and cold water. Air DRY in a cool place and REUSE. 

    DO NOT place in sun to dry or use the wraps to cover hot food. Beeswax wraps are NOT heat resistant. 

    DO NOT use on raw meat as it contains enzymes that are unable to be washed away with cold water.

    STORE in a cool dry place.